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1Introduction to Industrial Instrumentation English(PDF)|
2Dynamic Characteristics English(PDF)|
3Dynamic Characteristics (Continued) English(PDF)|
4Strain gauge English(PDF)|
5Load cell English(PDF)|
6Torque Measurement English(PDF)|
7Thermistor English(PDF)|
8Thermocouples English(PDF)|
9Resistance Temperature Detector English(PDF)|
10LVDT English(PDF)|
11Capacitance Transducers English(PDF)|
12Flowmeter - I English(PDF)|
13Flow meter -II English(PDF)|
14Flowmeter -III English(PDF)|
15Flowmeter -IV English(PDF)|
16Flowmeter -V English(PDF)|
17Problems on Temperature Sensors English(PDF)|
18Pressure Sensors English(PDF)|
19Low Pressure Measurement English(PDF)|
20pH and Viscosity Measurement English(PDF)|
21Problem and Solutions On Industrial Instrumentation English(PDF)|
22Signal Conditioning Circuits - I English(PDF)|
23Signal Conditioning Circuits -II English(PDF)|
24Piezoelectric Sensors English(PDF)|
25Ultrasonic Sensors English(PDF)|
26Nucleonic Instrumentation English(PDF)|
27Measurement Of Magnetic Field English(PDF)|
28Optoelectronic Sensor - I English(PDF)|
29Optoelectronic Sensor - II English(PDF)|
30Synchro English(PDF)|
31Dissolved Oxygen Sensors - I English(PDF)|
32Dissolved Oxygen Sensors - II English(PDF)|
33Flapper - Nozzle English(PDF)|
34Smart Sensors English(PDF)|
35Chromatography - I English(PDF)|
36Chromatography - II English(PDF)|
37Pollution Measurement English(PDF)|
38Control Valve - I English(PDF)|
39Control Valve - II English(PDF)|
40Signal Conditioning Integrated Circuits English(PDF)|
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