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1Tutorial - How to Install Octave and using OctaveDownloadPDF unavailable
2Background and relevanceDownloadPDF unavailable
3Examples of managing uncertainty and making decisionsDownloadPDF unavailable
4Risk, uncertainty and variabilityDownloadPDF unavailable
5Probability: Events, Conditioning and Total ProbabilityDownloadPDF unavailable
6Discrete random variablesDownloadPDF unavailable
7Continuous random variables: characterisitcs and examplesDownloadPDF unavailable
8Expected Value: Mean, Variance and FunctionsDownloadPDF unavailable
9Multiple Random Variables: Discrete and ContinuousDownloadPDF unavailable
10Criteria, Objectives and Settings for DecisionsDownloadPDF unavailable
11Introduction to one-time decisionsDownloadPDF unavailable
12Solving the secretary problemDownloadPDF unavailable
13Which option to gamble just once?DownloadPDF unavailable
14Utility FunctionDownloadPDF unavailable
15Nested one-time decisionsDownloadPDF unavailable
16Decision TreesDownloadPDF unavailable
17Decisions in Game Shows: Final JeopardyDownloadPDF unavailable
18Decisions in Game Shows: Monte HallDownloadPDF unavailable
19Project Network and AnalysisDownloadPDF unavailable
20Newsvendor Problem: Background, Model and AnalysisDownloadPDF unavailable
21Newsvendor Problem: Example and ProofDownloadPDF unavailable
22Buffers to Cushion for FluctuationsDownloadPDF unavailable
23Safety Stock for InventoriesDownloadPDF unavailable
24Safety Stock: Example and DerivationDownloadPDF unavailable
25Route PlanningDownloadPDF unavailable
26Exploration and ExploitationDownloadPDF unavailable
27Introduction to sequential decision makingDownloadPDF unavailable
28Costs, Ratings, Options and Choices for both RestaurantsDownloadPDF unavailable
29Two Stage Stochastic OptimizationDownloadPDF unavailable
30Concluding Remarks and Simpson's ParadoxDownloadPDF unavailable
31Markov Chains for DecisionsDownloadPDF unavailable
32DTMC Modeling and AnalysisDownloadPDF unavailable
33Markov Decision Process Set UpDownloadPDF unavailable
34Analyzing the four policiesDownloadPDF unavailable