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1Introduction: Inclusive Digital SocietiesDownloadPDF unavailable
2Missing Women in Tech: Why Lack of Female Technologists Matters for Technology Design and Development?DownloadPDF unavailable
3Are Technologies Gender Neutral?DownloadPDF unavailable
4ICTs and Gender: Field Concerns and Project Management Approaches for Technology DesignDownloadPDF unavailable
5The Political Nature of Technology DesignDownloadPDF unavailable
6Accessibility FundamentalsDownloadPDF unavailable
7Accessibility Fundamentals: Disabilities, Guidelines, and LawsDownloadPDF unavailable
8Accessibility Fundamentals: Disabilities, Guidelines, and Laws.DownloadPDF unavailable
9Designing an Assistive Technology Ecosystem: STEM Education for the Visually ImpairedDownloadPDF unavailable
10Inclusion in Designing ICT for Development Projects: Who Should Matter Part 1DownloadPDF unavailable
11ICTs in Agricultural Markets: Are they InclusiveDownloadPDF unavailable
12Inclusion in Designing ICT for Development Projects: Who Should Matter Part 2DownloadPDF unavailable
13Digital Labour, Platforms and the Future of WorkDownloadPDF unavailable
14Assignment Video: Design JamDownloadPDF unavailable
15Assignment Examples Video: Students PresentationsDownloadPDF unavailable