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1Signal Definition & ClassificationDownloadPDF unavailable
2Affine TransformDownloadPDF unavailable
3Recap of Affine TransformDownloadPDF unavailable
4Even and Odd Parts of a SignalDownloadPDF unavailable
5The Unit Step SequenceDownloadPDF unavailable
6The Unit ImpulseDownloadPDF unavailable
7The Unit Impulse (cont'd)DownloadPDF unavailable
8Exponential Signals and SinusoidsDownloadPDF unavailable
9Sinusoids (cont'd)DownloadPDF unavailable
10When are two sinusoids independent?DownloadPDF unavailable
11Another Difference Between CT and DT SinusoidsDownloadPDF unavailable
12System definition and properties (linearity)DownloadPDF unavailable
13Time-invariance, memory, causality, and stability DownloadPDF unavailable
14LTI systems, impulse response, and convolutionDownloadPDF unavailable
15Properties of convolution, system interconnectionsDownloadPDF unavailable
16Java applet demo of convolutionDownloadPDF unavailable
17Systems governed by LCCDEDownloadPDF unavailable
18FIR and IIR systemsDownloadPDF unavailable
19Karplus-Strong algorithmDownloadPDF unavailable
20Z-transform definition and RoCDownloadPDF unavailable
21Z-transform (cont'd)DownloadPDF unavailable
22Poles and zerosDownloadPDF unavailable
23Recursive implementation of FIR filtersDownloadPDF unavailable
24Convergence criterionDownloadPDF unavailable
25Properties of the RoCDownloadPDF unavailable
26DTFT definition and absolute summability DownloadPDF unavailable
27Linearity DownloadPDF unavailable
28DelayDownloadPDF unavailable
29Exponential multiplicationDownloadPDF unavailable
30Complex conjugationDownloadPDF unavailable
31Time reversalDownloadPDF unavailable
32Differentiation in the Z-domainDownloadPDF unavailable
33Convolution in the time domainDownloadPDF unavailable
34Relationship between x[n] and X(1)DownloadPDF unavailable
35Initial Value TheoremDownloadPDF unavailable
36Final Value TheoremDownloadPDF unavailable
37Multiplication in the time domain DownloadPDF unavailable
38Parseval's Theorem DownloadPDF unavailable
39Partial Fractions MethodDownloadPDF unavailable
40Power series methodDownloadPDF unavailable
41Contour Integral Method DownloadPDF unavailable
42Contour Integral Method (cont'd)DownloadPDF unavailable
43Inverse Z-transform (3), Inverse DTFTDownloadPDF unavailable
44DTFT of Sequences not in l_1, Response to cos(ω_0 n+ϕ)DownloadPDF unavailable
45DTFT of Sequences not in l_1, Response to cos(ω_0 n+ϕ) DownloadPDF unavailable
46Causality & Stability, Response to Suddenly Applied Inputs, Frequency Response (1)DownloadPDF unavailable
47Causality & Stability, Response to Suddenly Applied Inputs, Frequency Response (1) DownloadPDF unavailable
48Causality & Stability, Response to Suddenly Applied Inputs, Frequency Response (1) DownloadPDF unavailable
49Magnitude Response (1) DownloadPDF unavailable
50Magnitude Response (2)DownloadPDF unavailable
51Magnitude Response (2) DownloadPDF unavailable
52Magnitude Response (3)DownloadPDF unavailable
53Magnitude Response (3) DownloadPDF unavailable
54Magnitude Response (3) DownloadPDF unavailable
55Magnitude Response (4), Phase Response (1)DownloadPDF unavailable