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1Introduction to Linear SystemsDownloadPDF unavailable
2System Models DownloadPDF unavailable
3System Models - Part 01DownloadPDF unavailable
4System Models - Part 02DownloadPDF unavailable
5General RepresentationDownloadPDF unavailable
6Sets, Functions and FieldsDownloadPDF unavailable
7Linear Algebra - Vector Spaces and Metric SpacesDownloadPDF unavailable
8Linear Algebra - Span, Basis and SubspacesDownloadPDF unavailable
9Linear Algebra - Linear Maps and MatricesDownloadPDF unavailable
10Linear Algebra - Fundamental Subspaces and Rank-NullityDownloadPDF unavailable
11Tutorial 1 on Linear AlgebraDownloadPDF unavailable
12Linear Algebra - Change of Basis and Similarity TransformationDownloadPDF unavailable
13Linear Algebra - Invariant Subspaces, Eigen Values & Eigen VectorsDownloadPDF unavailable
14Linear Algebra - Diagonalization and Jordan FormsDownloadPDF unavailable
15Linear Algebra - Eigen Decomposition and Singular Value DecompositionDownloadPDF unavailable
16Tutorial 2 on Linear AlgebraDownloadPDF unavailable
17Solutions to LTI SystemsDownloadPDF unavailable
18State Transition Matrix for LTI systemsDownloadPDF unavailable
19Forced Reponse of Continuous and Discrete LTI systemDownloadPDF unavailable
20State Transition Matrix and Solutions to LTV systemsDownloadPDF unavailable
21Equilibrium PointsDownloadPDF unavailable
22Limit Cycles and LinearisationDownloadPDF unavailable
23Stability Analysis & Types of StabilityDownloadPDF unavailable
24Lyapunov StabilityDownloadPDF unavailable
25Stability of Discrete Time SystemsDownloadPDF unavailable
26Supplementary Lecture: Comparison Lemma and Lyapunov StabiltyDownloadPDF unavailable
27Controllability and ReachabilityDownloadPDF unavailable
28Controllability Matrix and Controllable SystemsDownloadPDF unavailable
29Controllability TestsDownloadPDF unavailable
30Controllability of Discrete Time SystemsDownloadPDF unavailable
31Controllable DecompositionDownloadPDF unavailable
32StabilizabilityDownloadPDF unavailable
33ObservabilityDownloadPDF unavailable
34Gramians and DualityDownloadPDF unavailable
35Observability for Discrete Time Systems and Observability TestsDownloadPDF unavailable
36Observable Decompositon and DetectabilityDownloadPDF unavailable