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1Introduction to Python for Data ScienceDownloadPDF unavailable
2Introduction to Python DownloadPDF unavailable
3Introduction to Spyder - Part 1DownloadPDF unavailable
4Introduction to Spyder - Part 2DownloadPDF unavailable
5Variables and DatatypesDownloadPDF unavailable
6OperatorsDownloadPDF unavailable
7Lists Part -1DownloadPDF unavailable
8Lists Part -2DownloadPDF unavailable
9TuplesDownloadPDF unavailable
10DictionaryDownloadPDF unavailable
11SetsDownloadPDF unavailable
12Numpy Part -1DownloadPDF unavailable
13Numpy Part -2DownloadPDF unavailable
14MatrixDownloadPDF unavailable
15Linear algebra Part -1DownloadPDF unavailable
16Linear algebra Part -2DownloadPDF unavailable
17Introduction to Classification Case StudyDownloadPDF unavailable
18Case Study on Classification Part IDownloadPDF unavailable
19Case Study on Classification Part IIDownloadPDF unavailable
20Introduction to Regression Case StudyDownloadPDF unavailable
21Case Study on Regression Part IDownloadPDF unavailable
22Case Study on Regression Part IIDownloadPDF unavailable
23Case Study on Regression Part IIIDownloadPDF unavailable