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1Lecture 01: Introduction - IDownloadDownload
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2Lecture 02: Introduction - IIDownloadDownload
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3Lecture 03: Introduction - IIIDownloadDownload
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4Lecture 04: Project Management StandardsDownloadDownload
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5Lecture 05: Life Cycle Models - I DownloadDownload
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6Lecture 06:Life Cycle Models - IIDownloadPDF unavailable
7Lecture 07: Life Cycle Models - IIIDownloadPDF unavailable
8Lecture 08: Life Cycle Models - IVDownloadPDF unavailable
9Lecture 09: Life Cycle Models - VDownloadPDF unavailable
10Lecture 10: Life Cycle Models - VIDownloadPDF unavailable
11Lecture 11: Project Evaluation and Programme ManagementDownloadPDF unavailable
12Lecture 12: Project Evaluation and Programme Management (Contd.)DownloadPDF unavailable
13Lecture 13: Project Evaluation and Programme Management (Contd.)DownloadPDF unavailable
14Lecture 14: Project Evaluation and Programme Management (Contd.)DownloadPDF unavailable
15Lecture 15: Project Evaluation and Programme Management (Contd.)DownloadPDF unavailable
16Lecture 16: Project Estimation TechniquesDownloadPDF unavailable
17Lecture 17: Project Estimation Techniques (Contd.)DownloadPDF unavailable
18Lecture 18: Project Estimation Techniques (Contd.)DownloadPDF unavailable
19Lecture 19: Project Estimation Techniques (Contd.)DownloadPDF unavailable
20Lecture 20: Project Estimation Techniques (Contd.)DownloadPDF unavailable
21Lecture 21: Project Estimation Techniques (Contd.)DownloadPDF unavailable
22Lecture 22: Project Estimation Techniques (Contd.)DownloadPDF unavailable
23Lecture 23: Project Estimation Techniques (Contd.)DownloadPDF unavailable
24Lecture 24: Project Estimation Techniques (Contd.)DownloadPDF unavailable
25Lecture 25: Project Estimation Techniques (Contd.)DownloadPDF unavailable
26Lecture 26: Project SchedulingDownloadPDF unavailable
27Lecture 27: Project Scheduling Using PERT/CPMDownloadPDF unavailable
28Lecture 28: Project Scheduling Using PERT/CPM(Contd.)DownloadPDF unavailable
29Lecture 29: Computation of Project Characteristics Using PERT/CPMDownloadPDF unavailable
30Lecture 30: Computation of Project Characteristics Using PERT/CPM: IllustrationDownloadPDF unavailable
31Lecture 31: PERT, Project CrashingDownloadPDF unavailable
32Lecture 32: Team ManagementDownloadPDF unavailable
33Lecture 33: Organization and Team StructureDownloadPDF unavailable
34Lecture 34: Team Structure (Contd.) and Risk ManagementDownloadPDF unavailable
35Lecture 35: Risk Management (Contd.) and Introduction to Software QualityDownloadPDF unavailable
36Lecture 36: Resource AllocationDownloadPDF unavailable
37Lecture 37: Resource Allocation (Contd.)DownloadPDF unavailable
38Lecture 38: Resource Allocation (Contd.)DownloadPDF unavailable
39Lecture 39: Project Monitoring and ControlDownloadPDF unavailable
40Lecture 40: Project Monitoring and Control (Contd.)DownloadPDF unavailable