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1General Introduction and ProspectsDownloadPDF unavailable
2Metals in Biology: Nature's Selection of Elements in LifeDownloadPDF unavailable
3Metals in Biology: Control, Use and Enzymatic ActionDownloadPDF unavailable
4Metals in Biology: Choice of Redox Active Metal IonsDownloadPDF unavailable
5Metals in Biology: Importance of Cobalt in Coenzyme-B12 DownloadPDF unavailable
6Design Principles Used in Chemical Biology: Some Noteworthy Examples! DownloadPDF unavailable
7Design Principles Used in Chemical Biology: Role of Proteins in Controlling Reactivity! DownloadPDF unavailable
8Design Principles Used in Chemical Biology: Blue-Copper ProteinsDownloadPDF unavailable
9Design Principles Used in Chemical Biology: Fixation of Nitrogen from Air DownloadPDF unavailable
10Life with Oxygen: Molecular and Chemical Properties of O2DownloadPDF unavailable
11Life with Oxygen: Cytochrome c oxidase DownloadPDF unavailable
12Life with Oxygen: Superoxide Dismutase ActivityDownloadPDF unavailable
13Life with Oxygen: Catalase and Peroxidase ActivitiesDownloadPDF unavailable
14Life with Oxygen: Oxygenase ActivityDownloadPDF unavailable
15Life with Oxygen: O2-Carrying Proteins Hemocyanin & HemerythrinDownloadPDF unavailable
16Life with Oxygen: O2-Carrying Proteins Hemoglobin and MyoglobinDownloadPDF unavailable
17Life with Oxygen: Reversible O2-binding and TransportDownloadPDF unavailable
18Life with Oxygen: Heme Oxygenase ActivityDownloadPDF unavailable
19Metals in Medicine: Introduction to Medicinal Inorganic ChemistryDownloadPDF unavailable
20Metals in Medicine: Platinum-based Anti-Cancer DrugsDownloadPDF unavailable