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1Introduction, Stability, Phase Space & Invariant Sets-1DownloadPDF unavailable
2Introduction, Stability, Phase Space & Invariant Sets-2DownloadPDF unavailable
3Introduction, Stability, Phase Space & Invariant Sets-3DownloadPDF unavailable
4Maps & Flows. Simple Examples of Dynamics Systems-1DownloadPDF unavailable
5Maps & Flows. Simple Examples of Dynamics Systems-2DownloadPDF unavailable
6Logistic map. Simple Examples of Bifurcations.DownloadPDF unavailable
7Bifurcation Diagrams. Period 3 Implies Chaos. Characterizing ChaosDownloadPDF unavailable
8Characterizing The Period-Doubling Route to ChaosDownloadPDF unavailable
9Lyapunov Exponents; Invariant measuresDownloadPDF unavailable
10Intermittency. CrisesDownloadPDF unavailable
11FractalsDownloadPDF unavailable
12Chaos in Flows. The Lorenz and Rossler Systems.DownloadPDF unavailable
13The Baker and Horseshoe MapsDownloadPDF unavailable
14Hamiltonian Chaos-1DownloadPDF unavailable
15Hamiltonian Chaos-2DownloadPDF unavailable