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This course will cover basics of momentum transfer required in any processing industries. The basic knowledge of momentum transfer is intermingled with most of the unit operations at some or other stage of processing. Since, this basic aspect of transfer process is not taught in most of the engineering institutions elaborately, a comprehension of the this aspect of transfer process will enrich the knowledge base of the students in general.

Module Name
Module 1 Compressible and incompressible fluid, Equation of continuity
Module 2 Equation of motion in Cartesian and Cylindrical coordinates
Module 3 Flow through circular tubes, average velocity, Hagen Poiseuille equation
Module 4 Fanning friction factor, Moody TMs chart
Module 5 Flow of liquid film through a vertical / horizontal surface, average velocity of the film, Reynold TMs number of the film
Module 6 Flow through parallel plates, Flow through annulus, average velocity
Module 7 Flow through a slit, average velocity and Reynold TMs number
Module 8 Compressible gas flow
Module 9 flow through nozzle, sonic velocity, variable fluid flow
Module 10 Non Newtonian fluid flow, flow through slit
Module 11 Flow through packed bed or porous medium, Sphericity, hydraulic radius, Ergun TMs equation
Module12 Flow through fluidized bed


1. Transfer process: momentum, heat and mass transfer- C.J. Jeankoplis.
2. Transport phenomenon R.B. Bird, W.E. stewart, and E.N. Lightfoot.
3. Chemical engineering J.M. Coulson and J.F. Richardson.
4. Transport phenomena in food process. engineering A.K. Datta.
5. Mechanics of fluid flow P.A. Longwall.
6. Unit operations in chemical engineering W.L. McCabe and J.C. Smith and P. Harriot.



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