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Prof. J. Srinivasan
IISc Bangalore


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Blackbody radiation, radiative properties of surfaces, Kirchoff's law, configuration factor , gas radiation, Planck and Rosseland mean absorption coefficient, radiation in furnaces, radiative equilibrium, interaction between conduction, convection and radiation

Module I Properties of Surfaces

  1. Introduction
  2. Blackbody radiation
  3. Properties of real surfaces
  4. Spectral and directional variations

Module II Radiation exchange between surfaces

  1. Shape factor
  2. Triangular enclosure
  3. Evaluation of shape factors
  4. Radiation in enclosures
  5. Electrical analogy
  6. Applications
  7. Non-gray enclosures
  8. Enclosure with Specular surfaces
  9. Integral method for enclosures

Module III Gas Radiation

  1. Introduction to gas radiation
  2. Plane parallel model
  3. Diffusion approximation
  4. Radiative equilibrium
  5. Optically thick limit
  6. Radiation spectroscopy
  7. Isothermal gas emissivity
  8. Band models
  9. Total Emissivity method
  10. Isothermal gas enclosures
  11. Well-stirred furnace model
  12. Gas radiation in complex enclosures
  13.  Interaction between radiation and other modes of heat transfer
  14. Radiation heat transfer during flow over flat plate

Module IV Scattering

  1. Radiation and   Climate
  2. Radiative-convective equilibrium
  3. Radiative equilibrium with scattering
  4. Radiation measurement
  5. Radiation with internal heat source
  6. Particle scattering
  7. Scattering in the atmosphere
  8. Non-isotropic scattering
  9. Approximate methods in scattering: 1
  10. Approximate methods in scattering: 2
  11. Monte Carlo method


Basic Heat Transfer.

  1. Siegel, R. and Howell, J., Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer, Taylor and Francis 2002.

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