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Prof. A.K. Ganguli
IIT Delhi


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  • The properties of nanoparticles are strongly dependent on size and shape.

  • It is therefore important to synthesize these materials using a methodology that is able to finely control these structural parameters and the corresponding polydispersity degree.

  • In this course we focus on synthetic aspects for the design of nanostructured materials.

  • We describe different approaches including both the bottom-up(includes both chemical and physical methods) and the top-down methods(mainly physical methods) for the synthesis of nanostructured materials.

  • The course will then focus on different type of nanostructures with a special emphasis on carbon nanotubes(CNT), metal and metal oxide nanoparticles, core-shell nanostructures and self assembly of these nanostructures.

  • The dependence of various properties (dielectric, magnetic and optical) with size will be discussed.



No.of Lectures

Module 1

Introduction to nanotechnology and the two approaches (bottom up and top down) followed for the synthesis of nanomaterials.


Module 2

Synthetic methodologies



i) Sol-gel.



ii) Micromulsion.



iii) CVD,PVD,Molecular beam epitaxy.



iv) Vapor (solution)-liquid-solid growth, (VLS or SLS).            



v) Spary Pyrolysis.



vi) Template based synthesis.



vii) Lithography. 


Module 3

Various kind of Nanostructures



i) Carbon fullerenes and CNT.



ii) Metal and metal oxide nanowires.



iii) Self assembly of nanostructures.



iv) Core-shell nanostructures.



v) Nanocomposites.


Module 4

Physical Properties of nanomaterials



i) Photocatalytic.



ii) Dielectric.



iii) Magnetic.



iv) Optical.



v) Mechanical.




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