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Course Co-ordinated by IISc Bangalore
Prof. Kuruvilla Varghese
IISc Bangalore


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Design: Hierarchy, controller (FSM), case study, meta-stability, synchronization, FSM issues, timing issues, pipelining, resource sharing.

VHDL: Different models, simulation cycles, process, concurrent and sequential statements, loops, delay models, library packages, functions, procedures, synthesis, test bench.

PLD: SPLD and CPLD architecture, timing, applications.

FPGA: Logic block and routing architecture, Virtex-II, Stratix architectures, constraints, STA, case study.

Hardware-software co-simulation, bus function models, SoPC.




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Revision of basic Digital systems.

  • Combinational Circuits.

  • Sequential Circuits.

  • Timing.

  • Electrical Characteristics.

  • Power Dissipation.



Current state of the field.
  • SoC, IP Design, SoPC.

  • Design methodology, System Modeling, Hardware-Software Co-design.

  • Device Technology.

  • Application Domains.



Digital system Design.
  • Top down Approach to Design, Case study.

  • Data Path, Control Path.

  • Controller behavior and Design.

  • Case study Mealy & Moore Machines.

  • Timing of sequential circuits.

  • Pipelining, Resource sharing.

  • FSM issues (Starring state, Power on Reset, State diagram optimization, State Assignment,Asynchronous Inputs, Output Races, fault Tolerance ...).



VHDL for Synthesis.
  • Introduction.

  • Behavioral, Data flow, Structural Models.

  • Simulation Cycles.

  • Process.

  • Concurrent Statements.

  • Sequential Statements.

  • Loops.

  • Delay Models.

  • Sequential Circuits, FSM Coding.

  • Library, Packages.

  • Functions, Procedures.

  • Operator Inferencing.

  • Test bench.



Programmable Logic Devices.
  • Introduction.

  • Evolution: PROM, PLA, PAL.

  • Architecture of PAL's.

  • Applications.

  • Programming PLD's.

  • Design Flow.

  • Programmable Interconnections.

  • Complex PLD's (MAX - 7000, APEX).

  • Architecture, Resources.

  • Applications.

  • Tools.

  • Demonstration of the tool.



  • Introduction.

  • Logic Block Architecture.

  • Routing Architecture.

  • Programmable Interconnections.

  • Design Flow.

  • Xilinx Virtex-II (Architecture).

  • Altera Stratix, Actel 54SX Architecture.

  • Boundary Scan.

  • Programming FPGA's.

  • Constraint Editor, Static Timing Analysis.

  • One hot encoding.

  • Applications.

  • Tools.

  • Case Study.

  • Xilinx Virtex II Pro, Embedded System on Programmable Chip.

  • Hardware-software co-simulation, Bus function models, BFM Simulation.

  • Debugging FPGA Design, Chipscope Pro.





  1. Digital circuits.

  1. Jon F Wakerly, Digital Design: Principles and Practices, Prentice Hall.

  2. Kevin Skahil, VHDL for programmable logic, Addison Wesley.

  3. Zainalabedin Navabi, VHDL, analysis and modeling of digital systems, McGraw-Hill.

  4. PLD, FPGA data sheets.

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