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Oral Speech may be the most natural, common and direct mode of human communication. Since the middle of the last century, Speech has become an area of intense and active research and development (R&D) to become a prime means of direct Human-Computer Interactions (HCI). The pace of such R&D has farther got boosted with the general abundance of cheap computing power in the form of PC, PDA or Mobile Handset. While man to machine in speech mode is yet to reach the minimum threshold level for wide spread deployment, spoken messages directly by machine. This need research in speech science and development of speech technology. The course provides the foundation knowledge on speech production and perception along with processing of speech signal in digital domain.




Introduction to speech processing, Digitization and Recording of speech signal, Review of Digital Signal Processing Concepts


Human Speech production, Acoustic Phonetics and Articulatory Phonetics, Different categories speech sounds and Location of sounds in the acoustic waveform and spectrograms


Uniform Tube Modeling of Speech Production, Speech Perception


Time Domain Methodsin Speech Processing, Analysis and Synthesis of Pole-Zero Speech Models


Short-Time Fourier Transform, Analysis:- FT view and Filtering view, Synthesis:-Filter bank summation (FBS) Method and OLA Method


Features Extraction, Extraction of Fundamental frequency


Speech Prosody, Speech Prosody Modeling (Fujisaki Model)


Speech based Applications (TTS, ASR and spoken language acquisition)


1. Discrete-Time Speech Signal Processing: Principles and Practice by Thomas F. Quatieri
2. Theory and Applications of Digital Speech Processing, by L. R. Rabiner and R. W. Schafer,



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