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Millimeter wave components are usually realized by frequency scaling the microwave components. However, an engineer has to deal with several design challenges in terms of higher loss, high signal-to-noise ratio, signal distortions etc. while implementing a millimeter wave system. Primary focus of this course is to introduce the design problems and their solutions at millimeter wave frequencies.




Introduction to Millimeter Wave Technology


Guiding Structures at Millimeter Wave Frequencies


Guiding Structures at Millimeter Wave Frequencies


Millimeter Wave Antennas


Millimeter Wave Components


Millimeter Wave Devices


Millimeter Wave Propagation


Transceiver Technologies
Basic knowledge of Electromagnetic Theory
1. Advanced Millimeter-wave Technologies: Antennas, Packaging and Circuits - Duixian Liu, Ulrich Pfeiffer, Janusz Grzyb and Brian Gaucher, Wiley.
2. Handbook of RF, Microwave, and Millimeter-Wave Components - Sergey M. Smolskiy Author, Leonid A. Belov and Victor N. Kochemasov, Artech House Microwave Library.
3. Millimeter Wave Communication Systems - Kao-Cheng Huang, Zhaocheng Wang, Wiley.
4. Millimeter Wave and Optical Dielectric Integrated Guides and Circuits, Shiban K. Koul, Wiley.
5. Microwave and RF Design of Wireless Systems , David M. Pozar, Wiley.

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