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The course will introduce design principles of RF and microwave filters and amplifiers. The lectures would try to emphasize on the need to understand the key concepts behind a microwave filter or amplifier design so that the students themselves can design a microwave filter or an amplifier. The course would lay the foundation for further exploring the vast area of microwave engineering analysis and design.




Microwave Filter Design


RF Amplifier Design


Microwave Power Amplifier Design


Microwave Power Amplifier Design
Basic knowledge of electromagnetic theory, tools used in microwave engineering, basic building blocks of microwave engineering and theory of transmission line are required.
The following are the details of books, which can be followed
i. David M. Pozar, Micrwave Engineering, John Wiley and Sons, Fourth Edition, 2012
ii. G. Gonzalez, Microwave Transistors Amplifiers analysis and design, Prentice Hall, Second Edition

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