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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Kharagpur
Prof. S. Dasmandal
IIT Kharagpur


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Today audio engineering is a very competitive and important field. It requires a lot of experience and skill to become a good audio engineer with knowledge of acoustic. This course aims to provide comprehensive information about designing the sound systems accurately considering all variables affecting its quality. Sound transmission characteristics and how it impacts design of room acoustics will be adequately dealt including design of acoustic transducers. All those involved in designing room acoustics including Civil and Architectural engineers will find the information useful.



Fundamentals of vibration and acoustic wave equation.


Transmission, absorption and attenuation of sound.


Room and architectural acoustics.


Acoustic transduction and different acoustic transducers.

Basic electronics and Fundamental on Oscillation

Sound system engineering by Don Davis and Eugene Patronis
Fundamentals of acoustics by Lawrence E. Kinsler, Austin R Frey, Alan B. Coppens and James V. Sanders

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