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Optical communications is a frequent elective/core course offered to third/final year undergraduate students in Electrical Engineering. This course offers a gradual approach to optical communications with emphasis on latest developments in coherent optical communications. Starting from a broad introduction to transmitters and receivers, this course covers optical fibers and waveguides, lasers, detectors, optical amplifiers, channel impairments and their mitigation using signal processing algorithms. Matlab models will be discussed.





Introduction, Basic signaling, Strowger exchange, crossbar, crossbar operation algorithm.


Call congestion and time congestion; Lee’s approach, Karnaugh’s approach


Strictly Non-blocking networks, Rearrangeably non-blocking networks; Clos Network;  Paull’s matrix; Clos theorem; Strictly non-blocking for f-way multicasting


Slepian Duguid theorem, its proof; Paull’s theorem; Recursive construction; Crosspoint complexity for rearrangebly and strictly non-blocking networks


Cantor network; proof; Wide-sense non-blocking network – example network and proof.


Packet Switching, Buffering strategies, Input Queued Switch, Output Queued switch


Banyan Networks, Delta Network, Shufflenet as Delta network – proof.


Buffered Banyan network (buffering at each switching element), Computional analysis.

Preferably should have done Basics of Digital Communications, and Digital Communication Networks.

  1. Y.N.Singh, NPTEL Video lectures on Digital Switching.
  2. Y.N.Singh, Working Lecture notes on Digital Switching – guest enabled course on EE629 Digital Switching in IIT Kanpur area.
  3. Mischa Shwartz – Communication Networks: protocols, modeling and analysis.
  4. Various research papers as documented in Working lecture notes.

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