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This course is intended as an introductory course for Postgraduate Students in the areas of Communications and Signal Processing. Students in their final year undergraduate degree in ECE, who would like to specialize in this area, will also find this course revealing. The treatment would look at current and upcoming wireless communications technologies for broadband wireless access.


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Wireless Communications and Diversity

  1. Fast Fading Wireless Channel Modeling
  2. Rayleigh/Ricean Fading Channels
  3. BER Performance in Fading Channels
  4. Diversity modeling for Wireless Communications
  5. BER Performance Improvement with diversity
  6. Types of Diversity – Frequency, Time, Space



Broadband Wireless Channel Modeling

  1. WSSUS Channel Modeling, RMS Delay Spread
  2. Doppler Fading, Jakes Model, Autocorrelation
  3. Jakes Spectrum
  4. Impact of Doppler Fading



Cellular Communications

  1. Introduction to Cellular Communications
  2. Frequency reuse
  3. Multiple Access Technologies
  4. Cellular Processes ‐ Call Setup, Handover etc.
  5. Teletraffic Theory




  1. Introduction to CDMA
  2. Walsh codes, Variable tree OVSF
  3. PN Sequences
  4. Multipath diversity, RAKE Receiver
  5. CDMA Receiver Synchronization




  1. Introduction to OFDM
  2. Multicarrier Modulation and Cyclic Prefix
  3. Channel model and SNR performance
  4. OFDM Issues – PAPR
  5. Frequency and Timing Offset Issues




  1. Introduction to MIMO, MIMO Channel Capacity
  2. SVD and Eigenmodes of the MIMO Channel
  3. MIMO Spatial Multiplexing – BLAST
  4. MIMO Diversity – Alamouti, OSTBC, MRT
  5. MIMO ‐ OFDM



UWB (Ultrawide Band)

  1. UWB Definition and Features
  2. UWB Wireless Channels
  3. UWB Data Modulation
  4. Uniform Pulse Train
  5. Bit‐Error Rate Performance of UWB



3G and 4G Wireless Standards

  1. GSM
  2. GPRS
  3. WCDMA
  4. LTE
  5. WiMAX


  1. An undergraduate course in Communication Theory.
  2. An undergraduate course in Mobile or Wireless Communications.

  1. Fundamentals of Wireless Communications â David Tse and Pramod Viswanath, Publisher â Cambridge University Press.
  2. Wireless Communications: Andrea Goldsmith, Cambridge University Press.
  3. Wireless Communications: Principles and Practice âTheodore Rappaport â Prentice Hall.
  4. MIMO Wireless Communications â Ezio Biglieri â Cambridge University Press.

Will be provided in the lectures.

  1. Introduction to SpaceâTime Wireless Communications â Arogyaswami Paulraj â Cambridge University Press.
  2. Digital Communications â John G Proakis â McGraw Hill Science/Engineering/Math.
  3. Wireless Communications â Andreas Molisch â Wiley IEEE Press.
  4. Mobile Wireless Communications â Mischa Schwartz â Cambridge University Press.

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