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1. Semiconductor Diodes

   • Semiconductor materials- intrinsic and extrinsic types
   • Ideal Diode
   • Terminal characteristics of diodes:
         p-n junction under open circuit condition
         p-n junction under forward bias and reverse bias conditions
         p-n junction in breakdown region
   • Diode small signal model
   • Zener diode and applications
   • Rectifier Circuits
   • Clipping and Clamping circuits

2. Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs)

   • Physical structure and operation modes
   • Active region operation of transistor
   • D.C. analysis of transistor circuits
   • Transistor as an amplifier
   • Biasing the BJT: fixed bias, emitter feedback bias, collector feedback bias and
     voltage divider bias
   • Basic BJT amplifier configuration: common emitter, common base and
     common collector amplifiers
   • Transistor as a switch: cut-off and saturation modes
   • High frequency model of BJT amplifier

3. Field Effect Transistor (FET)

   • Enhancement-type MOSFET: structure and physical operation, current-voltage
   • Depletion-type MOSFET
   • D.C. operation of MOSFET circuits
   • MOSFET as an amplifier
   • Biasing in MOSFET amplifiers
   • Basic MOSFET amplifier configuration: common source, common gate and common
    drain types
   • High frequency model of MOSFET amplifier
   • Junction Field-Effect Transistor (JFET)

4. Operation Amplifier (Op-amps)

   • Ideal Op-amp
   • Differential amplifier: differential and common mode operation
     common mode rejection ratio (CMRR)
   • Practical op-amp circuits: inverting amplifier, non -inverting amplifier, weighted
     summer, integrator, differentiator
   • Large signal operation of op-amps
   • Other applications of op-amps: instrumentation circuits, active filters,
     controlled sources, logarithmic amplifiers, waveform generators, Schmitt
     triggers, comparators

5. Power Circuits and Systems

   • Class A large signal amplifiers, second-harmonic distortion
   • Transformer coupled audio power amplifier
   • Class B amplifier
   • Class AB operation
   • Power BJTs
   • Regulated power supplies
   • Series voltage regulator
   • Four layer diodes: p-n-p-n characteristics
   • Silicon controlled rectifier

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