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Microwave Engineering Circuits is a course designed for introducing the field of Microwave Engineering to students, engineers and academics. Sice at microwave frequencies, the distributed circuit effects become very prominent, new circuit theories based on Maxwells laws have to be introduces. Further new circuit design techniques as well as new circuit elements are also introduced. The first part of the course deals with the basics of theory. In the later part, the design of various microwave devices like couplers, circulators, filters and amplifiers is introduced. 

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Transmission Line Theory 
Transmission line equations, Reflection Coefficient, VSWR
Impedance using lumped elements, Smith Chart (Z, Y and Z-Y Smith chart)
Applications of the Smith Chart
Introduction to stripline, CPW and microstrip transmission line


Broadband Impedance matching
The quarter-wave transformer, theory of small reflections
Multi-section transformer
Maximally flat (binomial) transformer
Chebyshev transformer
Non uniform transmission line


Scattering Parameters
Impedance matrix, Admittance matrix
Passive reciprocal loss-less two port junctions
General two-port network
Power gain/loss, Signal flow graph, Transducer power gain/loss 
ABCD parameters


Passive Components (and Applications)
1 and2 Port passive components, Tees
Circulators, Power Divider 
Directional Coupler, Rat race and branch line couplers
Coupled lines: even mode, odd mode analysis


Introduction to filter design
Filter design: Image parameter method, Insertion loss method
Insertion loss method: Equiripple, Maximally flat, Linear phase low pass filter design
Filter transformation: Impedance, frequency scaling; Bandpass-bandstop transformation
Richards transformation, Kuroda’s Identity, Impedance-admittance inverter
Narrowband bandstop filters, Narrowband bandpass filters, Multisection bandpass filters


Stepped impedance low pass filter
Coupled line filters
Review of resonant circuits
Bandpass and bandstop using quarterwave resonator
Direct-coupled and capacitively coupled resonators
Multisection bandpass filters


Amplifier power gain
Stability circles, Constant-gain circles
Noise figure, Noise figure in cascaded network 
Constant noise figure circles
LNA design


Oscillator basics, two port oscillation condition
Feedback oscillators, one port negative resistance oscillators

Basics of Network Theory

  1. Microwave Engineering, David Pozar, Addison Wesley 3rd Edition
  2. Microwave Engineering (Passive Circuits) PHI

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