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Probability and statistics: Joint and conditional probabilities and densities. Moments, cumulants, generating functions, characteristic function. Binomial, Poisson, Gaussian distributions. Stable distributions, limit theorems, diffusion limit of random flights.  Infinitely divisible distributions.

Stochastic processes: Discrete and continuous random processes. Joint and conditional probability distributions. Autocorrelation function. Markov chains. Discrete Markov processes, master equation. Poisson process,  birth-and-death processes. Jump processes. Correlation functions,  power spectra.  Campbell's Theorem,  Carson's Theorem.  Thermal, shot, Barkhausen and  1/f  noise.

Continuous Markov processes:  Chapman-Kolmogorov equation, transition rate, Kramers-Moyal expansion. Fokker-Planck equation, backward Kolmogorov equation, first passage   and exit time problems.  Level-crossing statistics.

Stochastic differential equations:  Langevin equation, diffusion processes, Brownian motion, role of dimensionality, fractal properties.

Random walks: Markovian random walks.  Random walks and electrical networks,  random walks in biology. Levy flights. Self-avoiding walks and polymer dynamics.  Random walks on fractals.  Non-Markov continuous time  random walks. 

Randomness in deterministic dynamics:  Coarse-grained dynamics, Markov and generating partitions,  recurrence statistics.



Elementary notions of probability and statistics

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