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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Kanpur
Prof. Manoj K Harbola
IIT Kanpur


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The course covers topics on coulomb’s law, laplace’s equation for electrostatic potential, conductors and capacitors,magnetic field due to a magnet, magnetic fields in matter,maxwell’s equations, wave equation.

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  • Coulomb’s law
  • Divergence of electric field
  • Gauss’ law
  • Curl of electric field
  • Stokes’ theorem
  • Electrostatic potential


  • Laplace’s equation for electrostatic potential
  • Laplace’s equation in other fields
  • Uniqueness of solution of Laplace’s equation
  • Poisson equation  and uniqueness of its solution
  • Method of images for planar surfaces
  • Work and energy in electrostatics


  • Conductors and capacitors
  • Reciprocity theorem
  • Polarization and bound charges
  • Linear dielelctrics
  • Electric displacement
  • Fields in dielectrics


  • Magnetic field due to a magnet
  • Magnetic field due to a steady current
  • Divergence and curl of magnetic field
  • Ampere’s law
  • The vector potential
  • Magnetization and bound currents


  • Magnetic fields in matter
  • Magnetic field in matter
  • Faraday’s law
  • Induced electric field
  • Energy in magnetic field
  • Displacement current


  • Maxwell’s equations
  • Work done by electromagnetic field
  • Poynting’s theorem
  • Momentum in electromagnetic field
  • Angular momentum in electromagnetic field
  • Electromagnetic waves: the wave equation


  • Wave equation
  • Plane electromagnetic waves
  • Energy carried by electromagnetic waves
  • Pressure due to electromagnetic waves
  • Reflection and transmission of electromagnetic waves
  • Reflection and transmission of electromagnetic waves

12th grade physics; spherical and cylindrical coordinates; introductory vector calculus

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