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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Roorkee
Dr. A. K. Sharma
IIT Roorkee


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The course covers the details of the advanced machining theory and practices, advanced machining processes, advanced metal forming processes, advanced welding processes and advanced foundry processes.

Contents: Advanced machining theory & practices - mechanisms of chip formation, shear angle relations, and theoretical determination of cutting forces in orthogonal cutting; analysis of turning, drilling, and milling operations; mechanics of grinding; dynamometry; thermal aspects of machining; tool wear; economics of machining; processing of polymers, ceramics, and composites;

Advanced machining processes - introduction of USM, AJM, ECM, EDM, LBM, and EBM;

Advanced forming processes - electro-magnetic forming, explosive forming, electro-hydraulic forming, stretch forming, contour roll forming;

Advanced welding processes - EBW, LBW, USW;

Advanced foundry processes - metal mould, continuous, squeeze, vacuum mould, evaporative pattern, and ceramic shell casting.


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Advanced Machining Processes

  • Introduction

  • Process principle

  • Material removal mechanism

  • Parametric analysis and applications of processes such as ultrasonic machining (USM)

  • Abrasive jet maching (AJM)

  • Water jet machining (WJM)

  • Abrasive water jet machining (AWJM)

  • Electrochemical machining (ECM)

  • Electro discharge machining (EDM)

  • Electron beam machining (EBM)

  • Laser beam machining (LBM) processes



Advanced Casting Processes

  • Metal mould casting

  • Continuous casting

  • Squeeze casting

  • Vacuum mould casting

  • Evaporative pattern casting

  • Ceramic shell casting



Advanced Welding Processes

  • Details of electron beam welding (EBW)

  • laser beam welding (LBW)

  • ultrasonic welding (USW)



Advanced Metal Forming Processes

  • Details of high energy rate forming (HERF) process

  • Electro-magnetic forming, explosive forming

  • Electro-hydraulic forming

  • Stretch forming

  • Contour roll forming


Understanding of basic concept of Manufacturing Processes: UG level manufacturing technique course.

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  2. "Manufacturing Science" A. Ghosh, and A. K. Mallik, Affiliated East-West Press Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi.
  3. "Nontraditional Manufacturing Processes", G.F. Benedict, Marcel Dekker, Inc. New York (ISBN 0-8247-7352-7).

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