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This is an introductory course in CFD. In this course, students will be exposed to basics of CFD. Students will gain knowledge on FD/ FV strategy, formulation of the problem and solution techniques. Students at the end of the course will get to experience a simple and sample working CFD code and thus develop confidence.


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Module1: Introduction 
Module 2: Review of basic equations and importance of terms
Module 3: Non-dimensionalization / Vorticity Transport equation
Module 4: classification of equations
Module 5:  examples of different equations and the solution nature
Module 6: Different boundary conditions
Module 7: Description of CFD results with examples


Module 1:Taylor’s series expansion
Module 2: CD / FD / BD for first & second derivative
Module 3: Higher derivative, mixed derivative 
Module 4: FD formula for non-uniform mesh 
Module 5: order of accuracy, Truncation error 
Module 6: consistency, conservative, and convergence


Module 1: Stability, CFL criteria
Module 2: Stabilty, CFD criteria contd.
Module 3: Classification of grid 
Module 4: examples for each type
Module 5:  Finite Difference / Finite Volume Strategy
Module 6:  FD / FV strategy contd. 
Module 7: Explanation with model equation 


Module 1: Building FV strategy for diffusion term in NS equation
Module 2: About convection terms and FV approach for it
Module 3: different types of Interpolation to obtain flux
Module 4: FV strategy for other terms in NS equation in 1D 
Module 5: Complete assembly and explanation 
Module 6: Extension to 2D and 3D 


Module 1: Time advancement:  Explicit / Implicit / Semi-implicit
Module 2: Pressure velocity coupling
Module 3: Arrangement of primitive variables
Module 4: SIMPLE
Module 5: Variants of SIMPLE and MAC
Module 6: Other coupling method


Module 1: Matrix inversion – Direct, Iterative procedure
Module 2: Direct solver / Iterative solver
Module 3: Iterative solver
Module 4: Iterative solver
Module 5: Iterative solver
Module 6: Mention about few other solver


Module 1: Results checking, relaxation parameter
Module 2: Post processing – explanation with examples
Module 3: Demonstrating with heat equation
Module 4: Demonstrating with heat equation
Module 5: Demonstrating with 2D NS equation
Module 6: Demonstrating with 2D NS equation
Module 7: Demonstrating with 2D NS equation

Basic fluid mechanics, Numerical Techniques / methods, some programming skills

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