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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Kharagpur
Prof. S.K. Som
IIT Kharagpur


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Lecture 1: Introduction to Fluid Machines
Lecture 2: Energy Transfer in Fluid Machines Part-I
Lecture 3: Energy Transfer in Fluid Machines Part-II
Lecture 4: Energy Transfer-impulse and Reaction Machines, efficiencies of Fluid Machines
Lecture 5: Principles of Similarity in Fluid Machines
Lecture 6: Concept of Specific Speed and introduction to Impulse Hydraulic Turbine
Lecture 7: Analysis of Force on the Bucket of Pelton wheel and Power Generation
Lecture 8: Specific Speed, Governing and Limitation of a Pelton Turbine
Lecture 9: Introduction to reaction Type of Hydraulic Turbine- A Francis Turbine
Lecture 10: Analysis of Force on Francis Runner and Power Generation
Lecture 11: Axial Flow machine and Draft Tube
Lecture 12: Governing of Reaction Turbine


Lecture 13: Introduction to Rotodynamic Pumps
Lecture 14: Flow and Energy Transfer in a Centrifugal Pump
Lecture 15: Characteristics of a Centrifugal Pump
Lecture 16: Matching of Pump and System Characteristics
Lecture 17: Diffuser and Cavitation
Lecture 18: Axial Flow Pump


Lecture 19: Reciprocating Pump
Lecture 20: Reciprocating Pump Part-II


Lecture 21: Centrifugal Compressor Part I
Lecture 22: Centrifugal Compressor Part II
Lecture 23: Centrifugal Compressor Part III
Lecture 24: Axial Flow Compressor Part I
Lecture 25: Axial Flow Compressor Part II


Lecture 26: Introduction to Compressible Flow
Lecture 27: Introduction to Compressible Flow Part-II
Lecture 28: Thermodynamic Relations and Speed of Sound
Lecture 29: Disturbance propagation, Stagnation and Sonic Properties
Lecture 30: Effects of Area variation on Properties in an Isentropic Flow
Lecture 31: Choking in a Converging nozzle
Lecture 32: Isentropic Flow Through Convergent-Divergent Duct
Lecture 33: Normal Shock
Lecture 34: Normal Shock Part-II
Lecture 35: Normal Shock Part-III
Lecture 36: Normal Shock Part-IV
Lecture 37: Normal Shock Part-V


Lecture 38: Oblique Shock Part-I
Lecture 39: Oblique Shock Part-II
Lecture 40: Introduction to Expansion Wave and Prandtl Meyer Flow


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