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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Kharagpur

Dr. G.P. Raja Sekhar
IIT Kharagpur


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The aim of this course is to introduce the transport phenomena of microparticles like viscous drops, microorganisms, rigid colloids, soft particles involve in miro- and nano-fluidics. The course provides basic understanding of particular solutions of Navier-Stokes equations, application of Stokes stream function, introduction to governing equations of porous media and electro-hydrodynamics. Subsequently, glimpses of important applications like migration of viscous drops under external gradients, active motion of particles that model swimming microorganisms will be provided. Electrically driven flow in micro- and nano-scale will be introduced. Motion of charged colloids, soft particles mimicking bacteria, humic substances, under electric field in electrolyte or gel medium will be modelled. Numerical techniques to solve the equations governing the advection-diffusion transport will be introduced. The course will be supplemented with assignments on simpler problems related to transport phenomena.




Basics of transport phenomena, Navier-Stokes equations


Stokes Flow and applications


Hydrodynamic phenomena of droplets


Flow through porous media, Darcy equation, Brinkman equation


Electrokinetic Transport , Nernst-Planck equations, Debye-Huckel Approximation


Electroosmosis, Debye layer overlap


Numerical Methods for BVPs and PDEs


Electrophoresis of colloids, Double layer polarization, Gel elctrophoresis
Partial differential equations, Basic Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Methods.
1. Fluid Mechanics by P K Kundu, I M Cohen, D R Dowling, Academic Press
2. Advanced transport phenomena ? Fluid Mechanics and convective transport processes by L Gary Leal, Cambridge series in Chemical Engineering
3. Electrokietically Driven Microfluidics and Nanofluidics by H-C. Chang and L.Y. Yeo, Cambridge University Press
4. Computational Fluid Dynamics: C.A.J. Fletcher, Vol I, II, Springer

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