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Prof. Somesh Kumar
IIT Kharagpur


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The use of statistical reasoning and methodology is indispensable in modern world. It is true for any discipline, be it physical sciences, engineering and technology, economics or social sciences. Much of the advanced research in biology, genetics, and information science relies increasingly on use of statistical tools. It is essential for the students to get acquainted with the subject of probability and statistics at an early stage. The present course has been designed to introduce the subject to undergraduate/postgraduate students in science and engineering. The course contains a good introduction to each topic and an advance treatment of theory at a fairly understandable level to the students at this stage. Each concept has been explained through examples and application oriented problems.




  • Algebra of Sets – 2 lectures
  • Introduction to Probability – 2 lectures


  • Conditional Probability – 1 lecture
  • Problems on Probability – 1 lecture
  • Random Variables and Probability Distributions – 2 lectures


  • Characteristics of distributions – 1 lecture
  • Special distributions -3 lectures


  • Special distributions - 4 lectures


  •  Functions of a random variable – 1 lecture
  • Jointly distributed random variables – 3 lectures


  • Jointly distributed random variables – 1 lecture
  • Transformations of random vectors – 1 lecture
  • Sampling distributions – 2 lectures


  • Descriptive statistics – 2 lectures
  • Point estimation – 2 lectures


  • Point estimation – 2 lectures
  • Confidence intervals – 2 lectures


  • Testing of Hypothesis – 4 lectures


  • Testing of Hypothesis – 4 lectures

Must have good knowledge of Differential and Integral Calculus, sequences and series, Basic Linear/Matrix Algebra (usually students who have completed Mathematics-I and II at first year undergraduate level.

  1. An Introduction to Probability and Statistics by V.K. Rohatgi & A.K. Md. E. Saleh
  2. Introduction to Probability and Statistics by J.S. Milton & J.C. Arnold
  3. Introduction to Probability Theory and Statistical Inference by H.J. Larson
  4. Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists by S.M. Ross
  5. Probability and Statistics in Engineering by W.W. Hines, D.C. Montgomery, D.M. Goldsman, C.M. Borror
  6. Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists by R.E. Walpole, R.H. Myers, S.L. Myers, Keying Ye
  7. Modern Mathematical Statistics by E.J. Dudewicz & S.N. Mishra

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