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The course focuses on helping the participants to appreciate cinema by understanding its distinct language, its narrative complexity and the way films control and stimulate our thoughts and feelings. Through various examples from Indian and international cinema, the course will explain how cinema as a visual medium, engages with us in constructing meaning.


Week No.



  • Theme, Story and Screenplay
  • Characteristics
  • Semiotics
  • Cinematic Terms
  • Cinematography and Editing - Time and Space, Narrative, Shot
  • Set and Design, Lighting
  • Sound/Music


  • Feature Films and Short Films
  • Documentaries
  • Introduction to Indian Cinema
  • History of Indian Cinema - Dadasaheb Phalkey, Bombay Talkies, mythologicals etc
  • History of Indian Cinema (contd.)
  • Cubism, Realism, Neo-realism
  • Other arts and cinema - theater, painting


  • Importance accorded to song and dance
  • Actors and personality cults
  • Mythological Films
  • Formula in Cinema - Masculine Charisma
  • Melodrama in Indian Cinema


  • 'B' Movies
  • High Culture vis a vis low culture
  • Satire
  • Cult
  • Remakes
  • Japanese Cinema
  • British Cinema
  • Iranian Cinema
  • Chinese/Korean Cinema
  • Latin American Cinema
  • Regional Cinema in India


  • Major turning points and trends in cinema
  • Major turning points and trends in cinema
  • Parallel cinema in India
  • Parallel cinema in India


  • Cinema and Literature - Adaptive books to the screen
  • NRI cinema
  • Language in Indian Cinema - English Bollywood movies
  • Impact of the multiplex system


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