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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Roorkee
Dr. Meenakshi Rawat
IIT Roorkee


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Software-defined radio (SDR) is an inherent part of modern communication system, where many processes, which used to be implemented in hardware, are defined in software domain for flexibility and configurability. This course describes various components of software-defined-radios with the understanding of their limitation and application of ‘software-defined-solutions’ to overcome such limitations. Understanding the interplay of analog and digital signal processing for power as well as spectrum efficient transmission and reception of signal leads to an optimized, yet, practical radio solution. This course will allow students to understand (1) the terminology used in industrial data-sheets and (2) motivation for selecting appropriate commercial solutions for a practical transceiver design.




Basic components of software defined radios, Software defined radio architectures-Part A, Software defined radio architectures- Part B


Distortion parameters-Sources and metrics of distortion in a transceiver,Nonlinear distortion and nonlinearity specifications, Power amplifiers: Nonlinear Distortion in Transmitted Signals


Power amplifier Line-up for linearity & power requirement calculations,Linearization Techniques for nonlinear distortion in SDR, Predistortion Techniques for nonlinear distortion in SDR


Digital Predistortion Techniques for Linear/Nonlinear Distortion

Basic knowledge of Signal processing and communication concepts may be useful.
It is an elective course for UG and PG both.

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