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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Roorkee
Dr.Arun K.Saraf
IIT Roorkee


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The proposed course provides basic understanding about GIS Technology. Presently, GIS is being used extensively in various domains including in civil engineering, water resources, earth sciences, transportation engineering, navigation etc. Google Earth and Google Map are very popular custom designed user friendly GIS products which are widely used for various purposes including in navigation etc.




What is Geographic Information Systems?
Different components of GIS
Different types of vector data
Raster data models and their types
TIN data model


Advantages and disadvantages associated with vector, raster and TIN
Non-spatial data (attributes) and their type
Raster data compression techniques
Different raster data file formats
Spatial database systems and their types


Pre-processing of spatial datasets
Different map projections
Spatial interpolation techniques
Different types of resolutions
Digital Elevation Model (DEM)


Quality assessment of freely available DEMS
GIS analysis-1
GIS analysis-2 and applications
Errors in GIS
Key elements of maps

Current students of engineering students and current post graduate science students.

An Introduction to Geographical Information Systems (4th Edition) by Ian Heywood, Sarah Cornelius and Steve Carver, 2012 2. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems by Chang Kang-tsung (Karl), 2006 3. Geographic Information Systems: An Introduction



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