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Introduction to Open Channel Flow: Difference between Open Channel Flow and Pipe Flow, Types of Channel, Geometric parameters of a channel, Classification of Open Channel Flow, Continuity and Momentum equation.
Uniform flow: Resistance flow formula, Velocity distribution, Equivalent roughness coefficient, Velocity coefficients, Uniform flow in rigid boundary channel, Uniform flow in mobile boundary channel
Energy and Momentum Principle: Concept of Specific Energy, Critical Depth, Alternate depth, Specific Force, Sequent depth.
Non-Uniform Flow: Governing equation of GVF, Classification of Gradually Varied Flow, Computation of GVF profile, Rapidly Varied Flow, hydraulic Jump, Flow over a Hump, Flow in Channel Transition.
Canal Design: Concept of best hydraulic section, Design of rigid boundary canal, design of channel in alluvial formation- Kennedy’s theory, Lacy’s theory, Method of Tractive force, Free-board in canal.
Unsteady Flow: Wave and their classification, Celerity of wave, Surges, Characteristic equation.
Pipe Flow: Losses in pipes, Pipe in series and parallel, Pipe network analysis, Water hammer, Surge tank.
Hydraulic Model Study: Important dimensionless flow parameters, Similitude: Geometric, Kinematic and Dynamic Similarity, Model scales
Total Lectures

Experiment on the following

1. Determination of Manning’s “n”
2. Specific energy curve
3. Gradually Varied Flow Profile
4. Hydraulic Jump
5. Flow over Hump
6. Flow through Channel Contraction
7. Pipe friction
8. Water hammer
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