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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Kanpur
S. Ganesh
IIT Kanpur


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With the emergence of high throughput DNA sequencing technologies, the complete genome sequences of many organisms are deciphered and are being analyzed. Despite the progress, understanding the cellular functions of most the genes thus identified remains a challenge. The emerging field of “Functional Genomics" aims at providing comprehensive approaches to understand the genome functions, to develop and promote high throughput and large scale approaches to investigate the function of the genomes, their products and the interactions between the two. This course thus will provide an overview of the concept of Functional Genomics and contemporary approaches used to understand the genome function.




Week 1: [2 hrs; 6 x 20 min] Introduction to functional genomics; Large-scale approaches to investigating gene/protein function: rationale and advantages;


Week 2: [3 hrs; 6 x 30 min] Predicting gene function based on DNA sequence: motif analyses and tools for homology-based identification; Transcriptomics: overview of past and current technologies.


Week 3: [3 hrs: 6 x 30 min] High-throughput genetic approaches to assessing gene function (e.g. large-scale mutant libraries, RNAi, genome editing, chemical genomics).


Week 4: [2 hrs: 6 x 20 min] Connecting Traits to Genes, and Genes to Functions; protein-protein interaction, and protein networks; system biology; synthetic biology.
Basic level of understanding in cell and molecular biology is expected.
Mostly publically available literature. Will be shared with the participants during the launch of the course.

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