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Dr. Radhakant Padhi
IISc Bangalore


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In this course concepts and techniques of optimal guidance,Control and state estimation will be studied for aerospace vehicles (especially for aircrafts, launch vehicles and missiles), both in linear and nonlinear systems theory framework.

However, the theory as well as some demonstrative examples will be quite generic and hence this course is expected to be useful to the students from other engineering disciplines as well.





Introduction and Review of Basic Concepts


01.Introduction, Motivation and Overview
02.Overview of SS Approach and Matrix Theory
03.Review of Numerical Methods


Static Optimization


04.An Overview of Static Optimization – I
05.An Overview of Static Optimization – II


Optimal Control through Calculus of Variation


06.Review of Calculus of Variations – I
07.Review of Calculus of Variations – II
08.Optimal Control Formulation Using Calculus of Variations


Classical Numerical Techniques for Optimal Control


09.Classical Numerical Methods to Solve Optimal Control Problems


Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) Theory


10.Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) – I
11.Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) – II
12.Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) – III
13.Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) – III


Discrete-time Optimal Control


14.Discrete-time Optimal Control


Overview of Flight Dynamics


15.Overview of Flight Dynamics – I
16.Overview of Flight Dynamics – II
17.Overview of Flight Dynamics – III


Optimal Missile Guidance


18.Linear Optimal Missile Guidance using LQR


State Dependent Riccati Equation and θ – D Designs


19.SDRE and θ - D Designs


Dynamic Programming and Adaptive Critic Design


20.Dynamic Programming
21.Approximate Dynamic Programming (ADP), Adaptive Critic (AC) and Single
      Network Adaptive Critic (SNAC) Design


Advanced Numerical Techniques for Optimal Control


22.Transcription Method to Solve Optimal Control Problems
23.Model Predictive Static Programming (MPSP) and Optimal Guidance of Aerospace Vehicles
24.MPSP for Optimal Missile Guidance
25.Model Predictive Spread Control (MPSC) and Generalized MPSP (G-MPSP) Designs


LQ Observer and Kalman Filter Design


26.Linear Quadratic Observer & An Overview of State Estimation
27.Review of Probability Theory and Random Variables
28.Kalman Filter Design – I
29.Kalman Filter Design – II
30.Kalman Filter Design – III


Integrated Estimation, Guidance and Control


31.Integrated Estimation, Guidance & Control – I
32.Integrated Estimation, Guidance & Control – II


Linear Quadratic Guassian Design


33.LQG Design; Neighboring Optimal Control& Sufficiency Condition


Constrained Optimal Control


34.Constrained Optimal Control – I
35.Constrained Optimal Control – II
36.Constrained Optimal Control – III


Optimal Control of Distributed Parameter Systems


37.Optimal Control of Distributed Parameter Systems – I
38.Optimal Control of Distributed Parameter Systems – II


Review and Summary


39.Take Home Material: Summary – I
40.Take Home Material: Summary – II



  1. Exposure to Modern Control Theory, Matrix Theory and Differential Equations.

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