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Dr. Radhakant Padhi
IISc Bangalore


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In this course concepts and techniques of linear and nonlinear control system analysis and synthesis will be studied in the modern control (state space) framework.

It will have preferential bias towards aerospace applications, especially towards guidance and control of aircrafts and missiles.

However, the theory as well as many demonstrative examples will be quite generic and hence this course is expected to be useful to the students from many other engineering disciplines as well.





1.Introduction and Motivation

1. Introduction and Motivation for Advanced Control Design


2.Review of Classical Control

2. Classical Control Overview – I
3. Classical Control Overview – II
4. Classical Control Overview – III
5. Classical Control Overview – IV


3.Flight Dynamics

6. Basic Principles of Atmospheric Flight Mechanics
7. Overview of Flight Dynamics – I
8. Overview of Flight Dynamics – II


4.Representation of Linear Systems

9. Representation of Dynamical Systems – I
10. Representation of Dynamical Systems – II
11. Representation of Dynamical Systems – III


5. Review of the Matrix Theory

12. Review of Matrix Theory – I
13. Review of Matrix Theory – II
14. Review of Matrix Theory – III


6. Review of Numerical Methods

15. Review of Numerical Methods


7. Linearization of Nonlinear Systems

16. Linearization of Nonlinear Systems


8. Time Response, Stability, Controllability and Observability of  Linear Systems

17. First and Second Order Linear Differential Equations
18. Time Response of Linear Dynamical Systems
19. Stability of Linear Time Invariant Systems
20. Controllability and Observability of Linear Time Invariant Systems


9. Pole Placement, Controller and Observer Design of Linear Systems

21. Pole Placement Control Design
22. Pole Placement Observer Design


10. Static Optimization

23. Static Optimization: An Overview


11. Optimal Control Design

24. Calculus of Variations: An Overview
25. Optimal Control Formulation using Calculus of Variations
26. Classical Numerical Methods for Optimal Control
27. Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) Design – I
28. Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) Design – II


12. Linear Control Applications in Flight Control Design

29. Linear Control Design Techniques in Aircraft Control – I  
30. Linear Control Design Techniques in Aircraft Control – II


13. Nonlinear System Analysis Using Lyapunov Theory

31. Lyapunov Theory – I
32. Lyapunov Theory – II
33. Constructions of Lyapunov Functions


14. Nonlinear Control Synthesis

34. Dynamic Inversion – I
35. Dynamic Inversion – II
36. Neuro-Adaptive Design – I
37. Neuro-Adaptive Design – II
38. Neuro-Adaptive Design for Flight Control


15. Nonlinear Observer and Kalman Filter Design

39. Integrator Back-Stepping; Linear Quadratic (LQ) Observer 
40. An Overview of Kalman Filter Theory

  1. Some exposure to Classical Control Theory, Matrix Theory and Differential Equations.

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