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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Kanpur
Dr. Jayant K. Singh
IIT Kanpur


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This course provides an introduction to the most powerful engineering principles -Thermodynamics: the science of energy and its transformation from one form to another form. The subject is widely applicable in several branches of engineering and science. The objective of this course is to introduce systematic different tools needed to analyze energy systems from various daily lives to large scale engineering applications. More specifically, we will cover the topics of mass and energy conservation principles; first law analysis of closed and open systems; understanding second law of thermodynamics and entropy; exergy; properties of pure substances; power generation and refrigeration on thermodynamic cycles; thermodynamic relation, combustion and reaction.




Introduction Energy and Energy transfer


Properties of Pure Substances


Energy analysis of closed system


Mass and Energy Analysis of open systems


The second law of thermodynamics and entropy


Exergy Analysis


Power & Refrigeration Cycles


Thermodynamic Potentials I Law Application to Chemically Reacting Systems
An introductory background in chemistry, physics and Maths (calculus) will be needed. Thus, the course is ideal for first or second year engineering students.
Text book: Cengel and Boles, Thermodynamics An Engineering Approach, 7h Edition Tata McGraw Hill

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