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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Madras
Prof. V. Venkat Rao
IIT Madras


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Mathematical Backround

Chapter 1:Representation of signals. 8hrs

1.1. Periodic signals and Fourier series
1.2 Aperiodic signals and Fourier transform
1.3 Properties of the Fourier transform
1.4 Unified approach to Fourier transform
1.5 correlation functions
1.6 Hilbert transform
1.7 Pre envelopes and complex envelopes
1.8 Band-pass signals and band-pass systems

Chapter 2: Probability Theory 6hrs

2.1 Basics of probability
2.2 Random Variables
2.3 Transformation of Variables
2.4 statistical Averages
2.5 Some useful probability models

Chapter 3: Random Signals 10hrs

3.1 Introduction to random Processes
3.2 Ensemble averages
3.3 System with random signal excitation
3.4 Spectral densities
3.5 The Gaussian process
3.6 Electrical noise
3.7 Narrow band noise

Part II (Chapters 4 and 5)
CW Modulation Schemes

Chapter 4: Linear modulation 6hrs

4.1 Time domain and frequency domain description of AM(DSB-LC), DSB-SC, SSB and  VSB signals.
4.2 Generation and demodulation of linearly modulated signals
4.3 Super heterodyne receiver

Chapter 5: Angle Modulation 6hrs

5.1 Frequency Modulation (FM) and Phase Modulation (PM)
5.2 Narrow band and Wide band FM
5.3 Generation and demodulation of FM

Part III: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Digital transmission of analog signals 8hrs

6.1 Sampling theorem
6.2 Uniform and non-uniform quantization in Pulse Code Modulation (PCM)
6.3 µ-law and A-law PCM
6.4 Differential PCM
6.5 Delta modulation (DM)
6.6 Electrical representation of binary sequences
6.7 Bandwidth requirement of PCM

Part IV: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Noise performance of various Communication systems 6hrs

7.1 Noise performance of linearly modulated signals: Envelope detector and coherent
7.2 Noise performance of FM
7.3 Noise performance of PCM.

Total = 50 Hrs

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