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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Madras

Prof. Shamit Bakshi
IIT Madras


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The first part of the course introduces important concepts of fluid dynamics which forms the theoretical foundation for the second portion of the course on turbomachines. The course is intended for advanced B. Tech/B. E. students as well as a refresher course for practicing engineers working in the field of pump and turbine industries.

S.No. Lessons/Topics
Week 1 Introduction to fluid flows
Week 2 Integral approach for analyzing fluid flow 
Week 3 Differential approach for analyzing fluid flow
Week 4 Incompressible viscous internal and external flow
Week 5 Introduction to turbomachines
Week 6 Principle of turbomachines
Week 7 Performance of pump and hydraulic turbine​​
Week 8 Performance of steam and gas turbine




1. Basic Engineering Mathematics and
2. Engineering Mechanics
3. Basic Engineering Thermodynamics

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