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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Kharagpur
Prof. S.K. Roychowdhury
IIT Kharagpur

Prof. B. Maiti
IIT Kharagpur

Prof. G. Chakraborty
IIT Kharagpur


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Engineering Physics I (Theory) - Web Course


Module:1 Fundamentals of machine design

Lesson 1 Design philosophy
Lesson 2 Engineering Materials
Lesson 3 Brief overview of design and manufacturing

Module:2 Stresses in machine elements

Lesson 1 Simple stresses
Lesson 2 Compound stresses in machine parts
Lesson 3 Strain analysis

Module:3 Design for Strength

Lesson 1 Design for static loading
Lesson 2 Stress Concentration
Lesson 3 Design for dynamic loading
Lesson 4 Low and high cycle fatigue

Module:4 Fasteners

Lesson 1 Types of fasteners: Pins and keys
Lesson 2 Cotter and knuckle joint Lesson 3 Threaded Fasteners Lesson 4 Design of bolted joints

Module:5 Couplings

Lesson 1 Introduction, types and uses
Lesson 2 Design procedures for rigid and flexible rubber-bushed couplings

Module:6 Power Screws

Lesson 1 Power Screw drives and their efficiency
Lesson 2 Design of power screws

Module:7 Design of Springs

Lesson 1 Introduction to Design of Helical Springs
Lesson 2 Design of Helical Springs for Variable Load
Lesson 3 Design of Leaf Springs

Module:8 Design of Shaft

Lesson 1 Shaft and its design based on strength
Lesson 2 Design of shaft for variable load and based on stiffness

Module:9 Thin and thick cylinders

Lesson 1 Thin Cylinders
Lesson 2 Thick cylinders- Stresses due to internal and external pressures
Lesson 3 Design principles for thick cylinders

Module:10 Design of Permanent Joints

Lesson 1 Riveted Joints : Types and Uses
Lesson 2 Design of Riveted Joints
Lesson 3 Welded Joints: Types and Uses
Lesson 4 Design of Welded Joints
Lesson 5 Design of Adhesive Joints

Module:11 Design of Joints for Special Loading

Lesson 1 Design of Eccentrically Loaded Bolted/Riveted Joints
Lesson 2 Design of Eccentrically Loaded Welded Joints
Lesson 3 Design of Joints with Variable Loading

Module:12 Design of brakes

Lesson 1 Design of shoe brakes
Lesson 2 Design of Band and Disc Brakes

Module:13 Belt drives

Lesson 1 Introduction to Belt drives
Lesson 2 Design of Flat Belt drives
Lesson 3 Design of V- Belt drives

Module:14 Brief overview of bearings

Lesson 1 Fluid Film bearings
Lesson 2 Rolling contact bearings

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