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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Madras
Prof. G. Srinivasan
IIT Madras


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The course covers topics on linear programming,Graphical and Algebraic solutions,Simplex Algorithm,Duality,Understanding the dual,Solving LPs using Solver,Transportation problem & Assignment problem

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Linear Programming – Terminology and formulations
  • LP through an example
  • Terminology
  • Additional Example 1
  • Additional example 2


 Graphical and Algebraic solutions
  • Graphical solution
  • Graphical solution – Example 2
  • Algebraic Solution
  • Understanding the methods together


Simplex Algorithm

  • Algebraic form of simples
  • Tabular form of simplex
  • Minimization problems
  • Types of LPs and simplex solutions
  • Matrix method for simplex


  • Dual of an LP
  • Writing the dual
  • Duality Results
  • Primal Dual relationships


Understanding the dual
  • Significance of the dual
  • Interpretation of the dual
  • Dual problem and the simplex table
  • Dual Simplex algorithm


Solving LPs using Solver
  • Revisiting the formulation examples
  • Three types of LPs
  • Dual solution
  • Sensitivity analysis


Transportation problem
  • Balanced transportation problem
  • Starting solutions
  • Vogel’s approximation method
  • Optimization
  • Modified Distribution method
  • Dual of the transportation problem
  • Additional points and interpretation
  • Solving the transportation problem using solver


Assignment problem
  • Balanced Assignment problem
  • The Hungarian algorithm
  • Dual of the assignment problem
  • Additional points and interpretation
  • Solving the assignment problem using solver

Very basic knowledge of mathematics, solving equations

  • "Operations Research:Principles and Applications" by G.Srinivasan, PHI Learning Private Limited.
  • "Operations Research: An Introduction" by Hamdy A. Taha, Pearson.
  • "Operations Research: Principles and Practice" by Ravindran, Phillips and Solberg, Wiley India
  • "Operations Research: Concepts and Cases" by Hillier and Liberman, McGraw-Hill

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