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A wide range of banking and other financial intermediation services are provided by banks to businesses.

Investment bankers further specialize in raising capital that businesses require for long-term growth, and they advise firms on strategic matters involving mergers, acquisitions and other transactions.

Bank administration focuses on banking functions and risk management. The course intends to introduce students to bank administration with emphasize on its risk management practices.

Topics that are to be discussed are credit creation process in banks, performance analysis of banks, risk management of banks - interest rate risk, credit risk and operational risk; treasury operations and bond portfolio management in banks; pricing of products offered by banks  - deposits, loans and other services.

IPO pricing by investment banks, merger analysis of companies, bankasurance are the specific topics to be discussed in investment banking operations.

In addition bank branch management, marketing function in banks and evaluation and governance of banks will be highlighted through the course.



Number of Lectures


Organizational Structure of Banks



Banking Regulations



Interest Rate Risk Management in Banks



Credit Risk Management in Banks



Liquidity Management in Banks



Operational Risk Management in Banks



Market Risk Management in Banks



Capital Adequacy of Banks



Issues in Bank Management



Investment Banking and Other Services



Analysis of Bank Statements





  1. Financial accounting.

  2. Financial management.

  3. Financial markets.

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