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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Kharagpur
Dr. Susmita Mukhopadhyay
IIT Kharagpur

Dr. Susmita Mukhopadhyay
IIT Kharagpur

Dr. Susmita Mukhopadhyay
IIT Kharagpur


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This course is designed to develop in the students an understanding of the concept of Business Ethics and its application in business decision making with emphasize on CSR and sustainable business practices in the age of Globalization.

Week No.



Business Ethics: An overview


Module 1: What is Business Ethic
Module 2: Why Business ethics is important
Module 3: Business Ethics in different Organizational contexts
Module 4: Globalization: key context for business ethics
Module 5: Sustainability: A goal for business ethics


Framing Business Ethics- CSR, stakeholders and Citizenship


Module 1: What is Corporation
Module 2: Corporate Social Responsibility
Module 3: Stakeholder theory of firm
Module 4: Corporate accountability- the firm as a political actor
Module 5: Corporate citizenship


Ethical theories


Module 1: Normative ethical theories and descriptive ethical theories
Module 2: Western Modernist ethical theories
Module 3: Alternative perspectives on ethical theories
Module 4: Models of ethical decision making
Module 5: Individual and situational influences on decision making


Tools and Techniques of Business Ethics Management, Role of various agencies in ensuring ethics in corporatio


Module 1: What is business ethics management; role of various agencies in ensuring                  ethics in corporation
Module 2: Setting standards of ethical behaviour
Module 3: Managing stakeholder relations
Module 4: Assessing ethical performance
Module 5: Organizing for Business Ethics management


Contextualizing Business Ethics- Corporate Governance, Accounting and finance


Module 1: Shareholders as stakeholders: Understanding Corporate Governance
Module 2: Ethical issues in Corporate Governance
Module 3: Shareholders as citizens of corporation
Module 4: Shareholding for sustainability
Module 5: Financial management: overview and ethical perspective


Employees and Business Ethics


Module 1: Models of organization, Employees as stakeholders
Module 2: Ethical issues in the firm-employee relation
Module 3: Ethical challenges of globalization
Module 4: Corporate citizen and employee relations
Module 5: Towards sustainable employment


Consumers and Business Ethics


Module 1: Consumers as stakeholders
Module 2: Ethical issues, marketing and the consumer
Module 3: Globalization and consumers Module
Module 4: Consumers and corporate citizenship
Module 5: Sustainable consumption


Suppliers, Competitors and business ethics


Module1: Suppliers and competitors as stakeholders
Module 2: Ethical issues and suppliers, competitors
Module 3: Globalization, suppliers and competitors
Module 4: Corporate citizen in the business community
Module 5: Sustainability and business relationships


IT and Ethics


Module 1: Information technology and its moral significance to business
Module 2: IT code of conduct
Module 3: Data identity and security
Module 4: Crime and punishment
Module 5: IPR


Environment and Business Ethics


Module 1: Business Ethics and Environmental values
Module 2: The dimensions of pollution and resource depletion
Module 3: Ethics of pollution control
Module 4: Ethics of conserving depletable resources
Module 5: Principles for a Sustainable business


Civil Society and Business Ethics    


Module 1: Civil society organizations as stakeholders
Module 2: Ethical issues and CSOs
Module 3: Globalization and CSOs
Module 4: Corporate Citizenship and civil society
Module 5: Civil society, business and sustainability


Government, Regulation and business ethics


Module 1: Government as stakeholder
Module 2: Ethical issues in the relation between business and government
Module 3: Globalization and business- government relations
Module 4: Corporate Citizenship and regulation
Module 5: Governments, business and sustainability

Graduation, basic knowledge of Business management
Business Ethics, Velasquez, Prentice Hall Publication. Business Ethics, Crane and Matten, Oxford Books

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