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Dr. Sangeeta Sahney
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Drawing heavily from the fields of psychology, anthropology and economics; the concepts of Consumer Behaviour puts forth the decision-making processes of buyers, both individually and in groups. It studies the decision-making parameters at both individual as well as group levels as endeavors to understand the consumer preferences and choice heuristics. The course will also bring forth the parameters, process and conflicts while considering family as decision-making unit. The course will sensitize the participants about how the aforesaid concepts will help them in designing appropriate marketing mix and the overall marketing strategy.




Introduction to Consumer Behaviour, The Changing Patterns of Consumer Behaviour, Use of Market , Segmentation in Consumer Behaviour, Dimensions of Consumerism, Process of Motivation


Theories of Motivation-1, Theories of Motivation-2, Consumer Involvement, Case study on Motivation and Involvement, Consumer perception and imagery


Case Study on Consumer Perception formation, Theories of Personality, Self-Concept, Learning theories, Case Study on Consumer Learning Process


Attitude Formation-1, Attitude Formation-2, Changing Attitude, Attitude Formation, Case Study on Consumer, Consumers Value


AIO classification of Lifestyle, VALSTM Typology, Application of Lifestyle in Marketing, Culture and subculture, Group as a determinant of buyer behaviour


Celebrities as Reference group, Concept of family and family life-cycle, Family Buying Decisions, Case Study on Family Buying Decisions, Diffusion of Innovation


Opinion Leadership Types of Consumer Buying Behaviour, Black-Box Model, Modelling Buyer Behaviour-1, Modelling Buyer Behaviour-2


Modelling Buyer Behaviour-3, Modelling Industrial buyer Behaviour-1,Modelling Industrial buyer Behaviour-2, Dimensions of Consumer Research, Course Wrap up

Marketing Management.

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  • Consumer Behavior, Concepts and Applications, Loudon, D.L. and Bitta, A.J.D, Tata McGraw Hill
  • Consumer Behavior and Marketing Startegy, Peter, J.P. and Olson, J.C., , Schiffman, L.G. and KanukL.L., Prentice Hall, India

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