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This is part-I of a course on Marketing Management. The objective of the course is to introduce the participants to principles and practices, theoretical building blocks of marketing, its role as an organizational engine and the evolving marketing process of today. At the end of the course, a participant will be able to understand and manage the core marketing management function.

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Introduction to Marketing
o Defining Marketing
o Core concepts in Marketing
o Evolution of Marketing
o Marketing Planning Process
o Contemporary Issues and Practices


Scanning the Business Environment
o The value chain
o Core Competencies
o Strategic Planning Process
o Competition Analysis
o SWOT Analysis


Marketing Information System and Marketing Research
o Role of Marketing Information
System in Managerial Decision Making Process
o Components of Marketing Information systems
o The Marketing Research Process: An overview
Defining the Management Decision Problem and Marketing Research Problem
Framing Research Objectives and developing the research plan
Exploratory vs. Conclusive Research


Buyer Behavior
o Consumer Behavior
Consumer buying process model
What Influences Consumer Behavior
Key Psychological Processes
The Buying Decision Process: The Five Stage Model
Other Theories of Consumer Decision Making 
o Industrial Buyer Behavior
Concept of Buying Center
Industrial buying process model
Influence of Economic and Behavioral Factors
Influence of Procurement Organization
Role of Negotiation Process 


Generic Marketing Strategies
o Defining Market Segmentation 
o Bases of segmentation 
o Evaluation and Targeting Market Segments
o Brand Positioning and Differentiation
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