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The 21st Century is well on its way and over the last decade Marketing as a subject and as practice evolved continuously due to technological, sociological and other global game changing forces. This course will attempt to probe into these profound as well as currently peripheral but potentially significant changes from the perspective of certain base premises that possibly will never change.
This course will discuss marketing theories as well as a range of real life current and classical examples & cases to help participants improve their strategic marketing thinking and activation skills.
Course Contents:
Marketing as strategy:  
               Understanding new era organizations and the marketing environment today, the role of market orientation, technological advances, global marketing imperative, marketing ethics & social responsibility.
Market opportunity recognition and evaluation:
                Internal analysis, External analysis, The marketing information system, Buyer behavior, Segmentation & targeting.
Broader Concerns today:
                Stake holder Concerns & issues
                Sustainable & Green marketing
                New paradigms for Organizations & Consumers
Products, Services & Innovation:
                Marketing’s role in new product/new service development
                Managing across the life cycle
                Marketing channels and the marketing ecosystems
Marketing Planning and Execution
                Different approaches to planning for Marketing.
                Forecasting & Scenario planning
                Marketing mix & Resource allocation
                Marketing communication – Multi channel integration
                Pricing, Branding, Value driven Relationship
New Challenges
                Marketing & the creative industries
                Marketing & the new media
                Marketing to the bottom of the pyramid
                Frugal & grass root Marketing


Sl. No.

Schedule of Modules

No. of lectures


  • Foundation concepts on Strategy, Marketing and Strategic Marketing
  • Foundation concepts from Finance for Marketing Decisions

3 Lectures

2 Lectures


Marketing implications of Corporate strategy decisions

3 Lectures


Competitive strategies of Strategic Business Units & Marketing implications

3 Lectures


Identifying Market opportunities

  • External & Internal Analysis

2 Lectures


Assessing Market Opportunities

  • Forecasting & Scenario Building for strategic flexibility

3 Lectures


  • Understanding Customers, Segmentation, Targeting, Differentiation & Positioning
  • Pricing Strategy & Management

3 Lectures

2 Lectures


Entrepreneurial Marketing & New Product -Service Marketing Strategies

2 Lectures


Strategies for Growth Markets – Defenders & Prospectors

1 Lecture


Strategies for Matured Markets and during decline.

1 Lectures


Marketing Ethics, Sustainable Marketing, Green Marketing & Developmental Marketing

4 Lectures


Brand management and integrated approach to Marketing Communication across marketing channels.

3 Lectures


Information and Communication Technologies and New Economy Marketing

2 Lectures


Strategic Approach to Marketing & Sales Organization

2 Lectures


Measuring Marketing Performance

2 Lectures


Global – Local Markets, Diffusing boundaries Marketing Strategy Dynamics


2 Lectures



40 Lectures

  • Background courses like: Introduction to marketing, Finance & Accounting, Marketing management.
  • Awareness of Indian & global market environment

  1. Marketing Strategies, A contemporary approach by Ranchod & Gurau, Pearson India, 2012.
  2. Strategic Marketing by Xavier, Response Books, 2010.
  3. Marketing: Planning, Implementation, Control by Pride and Ferrell, Cengage, 2010.
  4. Strategic marketing problems: Cases & Comments by Kerin & Peterson, Pearson 2012.

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