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The course Business English provides methods for developing English language and communication skills for today's workplace. It caters to anyone who is interested in improving their language skills for participating in the global business economy. The course is accessible to those with an interest in improving their working knowledge of business English. It is divided into four modules : Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar. Course objectives:
1. To help you read comprehension passages easily using reading techniques.
2. To help you engage with other members of the business field confidently.
3. To help you write business documents and generate content effectively.
4. To improve your vocabulary for day-to-day communication in global work spaces




Reading -This module will cover a range of topics, from reading simple comprehension passages to reading memos, advertisements, biographies of famous people as well as company profiles. Reading techniques will also be taught, such as scanning and skimming. Through the module, the student will be taught to read a passage and understand what is relevant and what is not.


†Vocabulary - This module will focus on vocabulary and the student will be taught a range of both formal and words and their spellings that will prove to be practically useful while venturing out into the business world. The student will get an idea of the range of vocabulary that can be potentially, according to each context, such as formal presentations and daily conversations.


Grammar - The module will focus exclusively on forms of grammar. This ties up directly to all the other modules as well. since having a good grasp of grammar is key to reading, writing and vocabulary. The student will be taught to understand and locate tenses, forms of verbs, passive voices and active voices, question tags, prepositions and the like.


Writing - This module will focus on a range of topics, such as how to write an email in polite, business English as well as informal personal letters, understanding forms, writing structured letters to newspapers, writing resumes, job references, reports and notes. After the module, the student will hence get a comprehensive idea of about writing for a wide variety of contexts.


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