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Prof. Rajesh Kumar
IIT Madras


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Language is an essential part of all that we do. It defines us as humans. This course deals with the applications of theoretical tools in understanding languages and out come of the analyses of theoretical tools. We aim to have delivered the applications of the fundamental ideas of language to the fields such as language teaching and learning, cognitive science, education, and language disorder and disabilities.

S.No. Topics
1 Applied Linguistics
2 Introduction to Language
3 Structure of Language
4 Language and Society
5 Multilingualism and Language Learning
6 First Language Acquisition
7 Second Language Acquisition
8 Language and Cognition
9 Disabilities
10 Cohesion and Coherence
11 Behaviorism and Language Teaching
12 Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
13 A Critique of Behaviorism
14 Languages of home and school
15 Critical Period Hypothesis
16 Direct Method
17 Audio-lingual Method
18 Communicative Method
19 Computer Assisted Language Teaching
20 Method and Post Method
21 Language Learning and Errors
22 Contrastive Analysis
23 Perspective on Interlanguage
24 Materials
25 Audio-visual aids
26 Assessment
27 Cloze Procedure
28 Language and Education
29 Multilingualism, Language Teaching, and Cognitive Growth
30 Social Psychological Aspects of Language Learning
31 Aspects of Vocabulary
32 Language Policy and Language Teaching
33 Linguistics and its Applications
34 Application in Development of Social Theory
35 Evolution of Language (Linguistic Theory in Applied Linguistics)
36 Linguistic Competence Vs. Communicative, Social, and Discourse Competence
37 Language in and of Politics
38 Questions of Identity and Power  


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