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Course Co-ordinated by IIT Kharagpur
Prof. Atasi Mohanty
IIT Kharagpur


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In the context of Global, Multicultural & Virtual work environments domain knowledge alone is not a sufficient guarantee for professional success. Since long we have been talking about organizational leadership or corporate leadership. In fact leadership is an adjective mostly attached to the growth of industry. Rarely do we realize the importance of leadership in educational institutions. This course is designed to help the teaching/Academic professionals to understand how educational leadership can transform and enhance the effectiveness of educational institutions. This course intends to focus on academic community and to encourage individual members to develop various skills, competencies, abilities to enhance their leadership skills. It will also help them to develop awareness into their self-motivation, reflective practices, critical thinking and positive plans of actions for enhancing their leadership impact and institutional effectiveness. This course is aimed to mobilize human resources of education sector, educational administration and prospective teachers.




Educational Management & Leadership: Issues & challenges


Professional Development & the Reflective Practitioner


Professional Ethics & Values in Teaching


Key Challenges for Educational Leaders: Grooming Capable & Authentic Educational Leaders


Emotional Intelligence & Educational Leadership


Leadership for Managing Diversity & Inclusion  in  Education


Educational  Leadership in a changing World : 21st Century Challenges


Innovative Pedagogy ,Technology & Turnaround Leadership : The Stakeholders’ Perspectives


1) Educational Leadership: Key Challenges and Ethical Tensions ; Author-Patrick Duignan, Cambridge University Press

2) Educational Leadership: Context, Strategy and Collaboration; Author- Margaret Preedy, Nigel Bennett and Christine Wise, SAGE publication



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