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The major objective of the course is to explain and demonstrate the contribution of HRD in an organization and enable student to develop an ability to decide learning and training needs; and have competence in the design and delivery of learning programmes, and finally evaluate the outcome of HRD programmes. The process of identifying needs and designing and delivering HRD interventions that are part of the course are crucial skills for all managers. The course will focus on the role of HRD in designing and implementing appropriate strategies in line with the business goals of their organization. The course will include topics related to design, development, implementation and evaluation of HRD programmes. In addition to HRD Process, it would cover a number of HRD interventions like coaching, mentoring, and counseling. The course will also address the competency mapping framework of HRD, role of HRD in career planning and development, organizational learning process and making organizations a learning organizations. Finally it will discuss about its role in developing ethical behavior and the future of HRD in Indian organizational context




Introduction to Human Resource Development: Emergence of HRD, Critical HRD roles, challenges for HRD


HRD in global perspective, HRD- Performance link, Strategic perspective of HRD


HRD Process Model: identification of HRD needs and Design and development of HRD programmes


HRD Process Model: Methods of Implementation, Measurement and Evaluation of HRD programmes


Employee coaching and performance management: Coaching to improve poor performance, coaching analysis, coaching discussion, coaching skills


HRD interventions: Mentoring for employee development: Role of mentoring in development, understanding the role and responsibilities of mentor, mentee, implementing the mentoring process, mentoring relationship


Employee counseling for HRD: Overview of counseling programmess, employee assistance programme, stress management, employee wellness and health promotion


Competency framework of HRD: why competency mapping? Understanding the competency mapping framework, steps in competency mapping


Career Planning, management, and development: Career development stages and activities, role of individual and organization in career planning, Issues in career management


Intellectual capital (IC), its measurement and management: Components of IC, measurement models of IC, IC index and challenges for HR


Linking HRD with Organizational Learning, and learning organizations


The future of HRD and HRD Ethics: Research, practice and education of HRD for innovation and talent development and management, Role of HRD in developing ethical attitude and behavior and development, Ethical problems with HRD roles


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