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Prof. Aradhna Malik
IIT Kharagpur


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Qualitative research methods serve to explore the grey areas that remain outside the confines of quantitative predictive research in human behavior. Training in qualitative research is absolutely essential to understand and explore the dynamic nature of the society in which we function. This course introduces students to qualitative research and helps them understand how qualitative research supplements quantitative inquiry in human behavior and the social sciences.




Introduction to qualitative research


Major paradigms and perspectives:
1. Constructivist and interpretivist approaches

2. Feminism

3. Ethnic modelling

4. Audiencing


Strategies of inquiry:
1. Qualitative research design

2. Case studies

3. Ethnography and participant observation

4. Phenomenology, ethnomethodology and interpretive practice


Strategies of inquiry (Contd.):
5. Grounded theory

6. Biographical method

7. Participative inquiry


Methods of collecting and analyzing empiricial materials:
1. Interviewing and observational techniques

2. Interpretation of documents and material culture


Methods of collecting and analyzing empiricial materials:
3. Images and Visual methods

4. Data management and analysis

5. Narrative, content and semiotic analysis


Interpretation, evaluation and presentation:
1. Criteria for assessing interpretive validity

2. Interpretation and writing


Application to the field
Bachelors Degree
Reference: Norman K. Denzin and Yvonna S. Lincoln (2000). Handbook of Qualitative Research.

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